Carl the Christmas CarpThe Twelve Months

isbn: 0-7737-3249-7

I had so much fun illustrating Dear as Salt, a story from my childhood, that I decided I wanted to do another. This became The Twelve Months, which has always been a personal favourite.

I tanslated the basic plot of the story and mailed it to Rafe, who did a wonderful job bringing it to life in English, an opinion shared by Kathryn Cole at Stoddart who published our finished product.

It is essentially a Cinderella story. The heroine, Marushka, lives with her cousin, Holena, and her aunt, both of whom treat her very poorly. They give her impossible tasks (like finding strawberries in the winter!) that she accomplishes only with the help of the personified months--three very old men, three middle-aged men, three young men, and three who are still boys.

It was Kathryn's idea to make the dog the narrator; she saw that he was featured in so many illustrations that it would be the perfect "twist." That's the kind of editing that turns a good story into a great story.

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