Carl the Christmas CarpCarl the Christmas Carp

isbn: 1-55143-329-X

When my son, Ian, was a boy, I used to tell him stories about how everyone in Prague ate carp for Christmas dinner. People would buy the fish from vendors on the street, bring it home, and put it in the bathtub where it lived a few days before Christmas evening. I always felt very sorry for our dinner, but it was a tradition that no amount of weeping could stop.

As an adult Ian worked for a while in Prague and witnessed this tradition for himself. One night, while out with some friends, he saw a "stop the Christmas carp slaughter" sticker somewhere and he started thinking back to my stories. What if I had rescued our dinner...

Publisher's blurb:
Every year, Radim's family has a delicious carp for Christmas dinner, selected from the huge wooden barrels that line the streets of Prague in December. But this year, when Radim sits by the bathtub feeding breadcrumbs to the fish that his father has chosen, he sees more than a delectable meal.

In Carl, the Christmas Carp, Ian Krykorka writes a story drawn from his mother's childhood and from life in present day Prague as well. In the vibrant illustrations, Vladyana Krykorka lovingly recreates the city of her birth and her youth, down to the last glorious detail.

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