Orphans in the Sky

Sister Lightning and Brother Thunder are children at play, dancing across the great arctic sky in this touching story about a search for a home. Returning to camp, the children find their people have left without them. Through the long, cold night, they stay near a fire they start with a piece of leftover flint.

Unable to decide which of their animal cousins they should stay with while they wait for the return of their people, the children decide to live among the stars instead their journey to the sky is a homecoming in which they rediscover the joy of play.

review from CM Magazine

Full page illustrations composed of swirly swatches of colour, evoking arctic winds and northern lights, accompanies the text. Additional black ink sketches of inuksuit, kayaks, caribou, etc. provide further visual information and help to interpret the story. Krykorka, who lived in the North for many years and has illustrated books by Michael Kusugak and others, has again celebrated its desolate beauty.

early work