Who Wants Rocks?

Old Joe the prospector cannot seem to restrain himself: every time he finds gold he yells "GOLD!" at the top of his voice. He is immediately surrounded by like-minded prospectors who get rich of his find while he remains poor!

In their search they literally move mountains, destroying the landscape and reducing everything around them to rubble. Realising that there will be nothing left if things continue this way, Joe comes up with the idea of yelling "ROCKS!", to which the prospectors reply Rocks? Who wants rocks?" With the gold gone they leave the wilderness in peace. For the first time Old Joe realises that the riches he seeks are all around him, in the fresh air, the smell of trees and the sounds of nature. For this book I tried a slightly new style of illustration. That is, I used pen and ink drawings on Mylar that I coloured with water colours. It was a fun experiment, and one that I might try again in the future.
early work